ArtWear Liberati: design and innovation

The idea of creating a ceramic bowtie in the brand ArtWear Liberati comes from the need of giving a brand new cut to our workshop. It is the result of the synergy among Liberati brothers: Erika – fool and creative, Marta – unstoppable and brilliant artisan, and Lorenzo – capable and talented sculptor. Following their parents, Giuseppe and Assunta Liberati, they grew up in the workshop having the privilege of playing with clay, colours and brushes and this surely influenced in a positive way their decision to continue the family business with passion and dedication and the usual innovative attitude. From 1980 to today, Liberati Workshop is a breeding ground of ideas and works, both full of innovation and tradition. For over fifteen years they have also adopted digital techniques for artisanal design and decoration.
The design of the bowtie is a clear example of the desire of the artisans to keep up with a rapidly evolving and creative world. Our Ceramic bowtie is a concrete example of fusion between classic and digital craft: the first one intended as handmade production in a strict sense, and the second one being the place in which new technologies blend with artisans’ typical “tacit knowledge”.
Here is what’s new and innovative:
– the material: porcelain allows to obtain thin and light bowties;
– the chance to customise the pattern, which is developed by tipical digital art techniques;
– the refined packaging: handmade and ecofriendly, also this was designed, crafted and decorated with artisanal techniques.
Ceramic Bowties will be available in few weeks on our e-commerce. In the meantime, we invite you to visit #CeramicheLiberati’s social profiles or contact us at

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