The special category for ceramic Christmas decorations includes all the Made in Italy ceramic decor artifacts  for Christmas holidays. Ceramiche Liberati workshop, always keeping up with new trends and respecting the traditions, suggests a wide range of high-quality handmade Christmas decorations with special attention to details. The aim of our Christmas decorations is to create a festive and relaxing atmosphere. They are small arworks made in Italy, crafted with experience and dedication in order to be admired by you and your friends. The most beautiful moments during festivities are those spent with joy and wellness surrounded by the beauty of your adorned house. Among the Christmas decorations suggested by Ceramiche Liberati  you can find ceramic Christmas balls in different sizes and shapes with handmade decorations: from classic ones like landscapes to traditional ones with coloured bands and “Fioraccio Abruzzese”, as well as Christmas decors like “Santa famiglia”.
The Christmas balls modern brand includes special decorations made in Italy like gold, platinum and ceramic lusters in different colours. The new drilled Christmas balls denote the current trend for Christmas adornments, i.e. to choose naked white ceramic decorations. These are real handmade artworks designed for Christmas but suitable for the whole year. For the white Christmas balls several diameter sizes are available; an original and surprising gift for this Christmas 2017.
Besides all the suggested adornments, our workshop also crafts customised Christmas decorations made in Italy like ceramic nativity scene in different colours, sizes and shapes, photoballs and customised digital printing. For further information or for a free estimate, you can contact us at info@liberati.net

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