Cuerda seca ceramic

The dry cord ceramic creations “Fenice” are characterized by decorations with glazes in relief, following the rules of the traditional decorating technique ”cuerda seca” of Hispanic – Moorish origins. The name of this decoration, in English “dry cord”, derives from the use of a cord soaked in grease with which the desired design was created on a tile and then, the blank spaces were filled by colorful glazes. This technique allows to obtain chromatic effects on relief with vibrant colours, but it is still not widespread in Italy. Ceramiche Liberati workshop creates different artifacts, completely made in Italy, using this particular technique, the decorations of the brand “Fenice” involve refined floral motifs, mandala, geometrics, figuratives and a decoration as a tribute to the Presentosa from Abruzzo (typical charm of Abruzzo) rivisited in a youngish way. With this technique can be crafted objects like wall plates, paintings, clocks, chandeliers, appliques, customised party gifts, ceramic tea sets, indoor decor objects, labels for bottles, etc. In our collection there are lots of items crafted through the dry cord technique, with vibrant colours and original decorative motifs. In Abruzzo, the dry cord technique is used by Marta Liberati, one of the first ceramists working with this technique in our region.

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