Italian ceramic sculptures
Liberati’s Workshop, in addition to traditional and modern ceramics, also crafts handshaped Italian ceramic sculptures, finished in every detail. There are several monuments and sculptures crafted through the years, many  of them are exhibited in some Italian cities.
Our ceramic sculptures are created not only by Giuseppe Liberati, but also by his son Lorenzo, who developed a deep interest for sculpting, starting from his great talent. There are different kinds of sculptures: low-relief, high-relief and full relief; and they are realized with different types of clay.
Lorenzo prefers fantasy subjects like Marvel’s heroes but he also crafted a full-relief called “The Strenght” that received the silver medal prize delivered by the President of the Republic. Instead, Master Giuseppe Liberati crafts modern and contemporary scultures. Obviously, every work is a unique piece and completely made in Italy. When purchasing, to every object there will be attached a guarantee certificate in order to guarantee its craftmanship.

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