Our company

Liberati ceramiche d’arte is proud about a production of pottery so wide that ranges from one of a kind to a serial product, tradition and innovation go hand in hand, with the target to reach always the highest quality in every kind of produced object.
The most traditional production, made with refined execution technique and with a special study of the shape, colour and decoration, reflects the best tradition of regional pottery in Abruzzo. The other more creative and personal derives from the belief that research should have a primary role because even pottery must open up to the time in which it operates.
For the production of unique pieces in a modern style uses glazes of own composition which are often embellished with crystals, 3rd firing interventions  with pure gold, platinum and/or metallic lustres, processing technique of raku and salvaged materials. Since few years has been adopted a production which uses digital printing in focus.
All objects are made in laboratory premises with skilled labour. Modern techniques of workmanship and high quality materials guarantee an article of exquisite workmanship and artistic value.

Work phases

The laboratory it is possible to observe all phases of ceramics: wheel throwing, in colombino, in casting mold, in press, manual modeling, as well as the creation of models and plaster mold, hand decoration and with the technique of digital printing in indelible fire, as well as the most innovative processes as the technique of glare of lustres and raku.


The workshop of Ceramiche Liberati provides own competence and professionalism, manufacturing custom jobs based on drawings, projects, ideas, pictures, ect… provided directly by companies or individuals. Is an excellence for the production of ceramic projects “tailored” in Abruzzo.



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