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Liberati ceramiche d’arte is proud about a production of pottery so wide that ranges from one of a kind to a serial product, tradition and innovation go hand in hand, with the target to reach always the highest quality in every kind of produced object. The most traditional production, made with refined execution technique and with a special study of the mould, colour and decoration, reflects the best tradition of regional pottery in Abruzzo. The other more creative and personal derives from the belief that research should have a primary role because even pottery must open up to the time in which it operates. For the production of unique pieces in a modern style uses glazes of own composition which are often embellished with crystals, action at 3° firing with pure gold, platinum and/or metallic lustres, processing technique of raku and salvaged materials. Since few years has been adopted a production which uses digital printing in focus.

All objects are made in company premises with skilled labour; modern techniques of workmanship and high quality materials guarantee an article of exquisite workmanship and artistic value. The laboratory it is possible to observe all phases of ceramics: wheel throwing, in colombino, in casting mold, in press, manual modeling, as well as the creation of models and plaster mold, hand decoration and with the technique of digital printing in indelible fire, as well as the most innovative processes as the technique of glare of lustres and raku.

The workshop of Ceramiche Liberati provides own competence and professionalism, manufacturing custom jobs based on drawings, projects, ideas, pictures, ect… provided directly by companies or individuals. Is an excellence for the production of ceramic projects “tailored” in Abruzzo.

Giuseppe Liberati

The craftsman and artist merge into Giuseppe Liberati, who with his creativity honors our Earth and carries on the tradition and a ceramic art which has meaning for Abruzzo. The motto can be summed up in this simple sentence: “in my work there isn’t a point of arrival and set themselves goals would be to limit your creativity.”


You can learn an art only in a workshop of those who earn their living with that.” (S.BUTLER) The master Giuseppe, a life devoted to the study and experimentation of ceramics. His work helps to defeat a prejudice that has lasted for too long: the one that ceramic is considered as a younger sister of other arts.

Gift to Pope Giovanni Paolo II

Monuments and sculptures created by Giuseppe Liberati in the years are numerous in different italian cities. Among these also half length work: “The Christ” h cm 50 x 55, honored in person to Pope Giovanni Paolo II in 1983.

Liberati's family

Today, after more than 35 years of work, sons that have always “breathe” ceramics, are entering in the business, dividing themselves among the various processing phases, with the awareness of having a great responsibility and having chosen a craft not easy… and step by step, with the support of Assunta’s wife, who has always supported her in her business and her children, have transformed the “small shop” into a great reality that is able to represent the excellence of Abruzzo ceramics in the world.

Artisan bonbonnière

What is the only tangible memory of one of the most important days of your life?

Certainly one is the bonbonnière, which is given to the guests, on the one hand in memory of the day spent together and on the other in thanksgiving thanks to their presence and the gifts received. Your idea will be the starting point for creating a unique and personalised handmade party gift. Birth, baptism, holy communion, wedding, anniversaries, ect…


In the 2014 the master Giuseppe Liberati has been invited to participate to the XLI Sulmona award “International Contemporary Art Exhibition”.

Giuseppe, in the picture is with the well-known art critic Vittorio Sgarbi as well as the jury foreman of the prize, who in an interview comments the Sulmona Prize like that:  After 40 years the Sulmona Prize has become a point of reference for those who want to start a journey, it is a useful prize, a launch pad.

Who resists is who has the credibility and strength of not being overwhelmed. There’s no more a place where artists can practise their own creativity, in absence of quadrennial.”

personalized labels

In the last years inside the workshop in collaboration with the Italian agro-food excellence, for example wine, oil, liqueur, jam was born the idea of creating ceramic labels with authors’ quotes. The first ceramic label, created at the request of Cantina Tollo in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, was donated to the former President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano. One of the few in Italy, our workshop is able to realize ceramic labels in Abruzzo with the maximum personalization.

Ceramic workshop

Making ceramics is rooted in the history and age-old culture of humanity. Rediscovering contact with things done by man’s hands, freeing creativity through a learning and training path that slowly leads us to master the manipulation of matter. Starting point for the search for physical, psychic, and social well-being. Ceramic Liberati art organises workshops and ceramics courses in Abruzzo and for the creation, manipulation and decoration of ceramic artifact, also with the technique of ceramic raku.

Ceramic bowtie

The idea of creating a ceramic bowtie comes from the need of giving a brand new cut to the studio. It is the result of the synergy among the Liberati brothers: Erika – fool and creative, Marta – unstoppable and brilliant artisan, and Lorenzo – capable and talented sculptor. Following their parents, Giuseppe and Assunta Liberati – expert ceramists, they grew up in the workshop having the privilege of playing with clay, colours and brushes since they were children. The design of the bowtie is a clear example of new generations of artisans keeping up with a creative and rapidly changing world. Our Ceramic BowTie is a concrete example of fusion between classic and digital craft: the first one intended as handmade production in a strict sense, and the second one being the place in which new technologies blend with artisans’ tipycal “tacit knowledge”.


“Do you see me?” is a film of 2015 directed by the well-known director Riccardo Milani, and starring Paola Cortellesi and Raul Bova.

The film is inspired by the history of Italian architect Guendalina Salimei. In the movie, the protagonist Serena, Paola Cortellesi, is an architect of Abruzzo origin who chooses to return to work in Italy, in Rome. But getting a job at the height of his qualification is difficult, until she decides to be a man. So she is interested in the redevelopment project of the Corviale district Our ceramics have been chosen by Milani, to be part of the Abruzzo style scenery… The photo was taken during the filming on the set shot in Anversa degli Abruzzi – Italy.


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