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Giuseppe Liberati was born in Villamagna in 1958, he attended the public institute of art “Nicola da Guardiagrele” in Chieti. Among all the avaiable labs he was fascinated by the ceramic one, also thanks to his teacher and master Luigi Bozzelli, one of the most important figures in the school. His professor  was not only founder of the school, but studied in Faenza and had an eminent family history. Over the five years of school, grew stronger his conviction to open a handcrafted ceramic workshop in Abruzzo. In 1978, on the occasion of final exams, he expressed the intention to not continue his studies, but start working in his own ceramics workshop. Sure of his intentions,  made his teacher part of the plan.

Bozzelli, impressed by the determination and enthusiasm of his ex-student, made available all his knowledge and experience to support the project.

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Giuseppe Liberati was born in Villamagna in 1958, he attended the public institute of art “Nicola da Guardiagrele” in Chieti. Among all the available labs he was fascinated by the ceramic one, also thanks to his teacher and master Luigi Bozzelli, one of the most important figures in the school. His professor was not only the founder of the school, but studied in Faenza and had an eminent family history. Over the five years of school, grew stronger his conviction to open a handmade ceramic workshop in Abruzzo. In 1978, on the occasion of final exams, he expressed the intention to not continue his studies but start working in his own ceramic workshop. Sure of his intentions,  he made his teacher part of the plan.

Bozzelli, impressed by the determination and enthusiasm of his ex-student, made available all his knowledge and experience to support the project.

Liberati knew that five years of school were not enough to start a such complex activity, so he asked several ceramists to work in their ceramic workshop. Unfortunately, no one accepted because they all knew his intentions, so he asked to his teacher Bozzelli, that  was vice principal of the school, to attend one more year of school laboratory to improve his skills with the pottery’s wheel. Without hesitating Bozzelli supported his request, assuming all the responsibilities for the school. In 1980 Liberati inaugurated his 70-square-meter ceramic workshop in his father’s home; deciding that every piece would have been handmade by skilled workers, every one of them formed and specialized within the company under its careful and scrupulous guide. The demonstration of the professionalism of his workers is clearly visible from the fact that many of his co-workers opened their own activities in the following years. With the passing of the time, the bond with his master grew more and more and went far beyond the passion and vocation that they shared for ceramic: there was an extraordinary understanding between them. Bozzelli’s teaching was continuous and fundamental to both the immediate technical and human power he was able to convey. Liberati, since the beginning of his activity, decided that tradition and innovation had to harmoniously coexist, and that particular attention would be given to the study of shapes, colors and decorations, in order to give to every single object an artistic depth. Experimentation and innovation have always played a fundamental role, that became primary in his ceramic workshop, becoming an integral and fundamental part of his “business philosophy”. These aspects were noticed by Giuseppe Di Prinzio, a great artist from Pescara, a teacher and one of the founders of “G.Misticoni” high school in Pescara, whose bronze, silver and ceramic works decorate many corners of the city and beyond. One of the first meetings with the master Di Prinzio dates back to 1986, when Liberati took part in the Ceramica competition arranged by the Guardiagrele Artistic Art Exhibition Company by presenting a tea set made with the three-phase firing technique. On that occasion Di Prinzio, member of the commission, immediately noticed that the tea set was different from the others because its particular shape and accurate decoration. The commission unanimously gave the 1st Prize to Liberati pronouncing these words: “… 1st prize for the original creation of the object and the perfect technique adopted, despite the technological difficulties of the three-phase firing technique.” The competition, which is still biennial, was won by Liberati’s company in two other editions: in 1988 and 1990. In 1992, however, the theme of the competition was a coffee set and Liberati chose to not take part in the competition but created the set he showed during the exhibition anyway. However, the Commission considered the sets presented for the competition not worthy of the prize and proposed to the Exhibition Organization to purchase the coffee set from Liberati’s company, because of its high technical and artistic depth. In subsequent competitions, Liberati decided not to participate anymore, as he won several editions, but with great satisfaction he saw some of his students winning the same prize. The proof of the relationship between Di Prinzio and Liberati is clearly visible from the frequency of Bozzelli and Enrico Terribili’s (born in Rome but of adopted by Pescara, great goldsmith and teacher at the artistic high school in Pescara) visits to Liberati’s workshop. In 1995, Di Prinzio performed his last great work in Piazza della Marina: an imperial travertine monument with a ceramic panel at the base, entirely made in Liberati’s workshop which, as he said, he fully trusted. Bozzelli and Prinzio always admired Liberati’s overture to everyone wanted to approach this craft. Liberati has always offered them the opportunity to practice, free of charge, in his workshop, even knowing their intentions to open their own businesses. To confirm this, we can surely say that it is thanks to his openness if Rapino, who boasted a glorious past in ceramics, came up with new craft workshops after years of decadence. Liberati has never worried about the production of the other ceramists because, as he says, “the beauty of this craft is that there is no limit to creativity and it is possible to diversify production even within the same company”. With the new millennium, Liberati launches a new production cycle, beginning to put into practice everything he experienced in the past. The new production of unique pieces achieves the approval of critics and enthusiasts, so much so that in 2006 the Abruzzo Region organizes a dedicated Personal Show in the Emiciclo Palace of L’Aquila. The event gained great success and, on that occasion, his master Bozzelli symbolically passed the “scepter” with this sentence: “Now I can say that you surpassed me”. There have been many occasions in which Liberati’s firm has been called to represent Abruzzo’s ceramics. On the occasion of the Italian Quality Champion Fair organized in 2007 and 2009 in Milan, Chieti’s Chamber of Commerce was invited to attend and represent Abruzzo’s innovative ceramics. In 2011, Abruzzo Sviluppo, partner of the Abruzzo Region, joined an European project aimed at enhancing the art ceramic sector. On this occasion, Liberati was chosen among the ceramists of Abruzzo for the remarkable technical and artistic innovation of his works, with a great success also abroad: Portugal, Hungary, Romania and France. To confirm the positive result of this last project  there is the participation, in the same year, as a guest of honor at the “Annual ArteloR” Contemporary Art Exhibition organized in Romania in the town of Baia a Mare. The latest exhibition in chronological order to which he was invited is the Sulmona Prize – International Art Exhibition of Contemporary Art, at the 41st edition, organized by the Cultural Association of Quadrivio di Sulmona, which Honorary Chairman is Vittorio Sgarbi. As he writes about this exhibition: “In a year in which the Venice Biennale is not planned, the Sulmona Prize takes the role of a non-provincial outlet and showcase of artists who feel closer and closer to the spaces in which they can express their research.” Today, after over 30 years since the beginning of the business, his children who have always “breathed” ceramics are entering into the family business, dividing themselves between production and administration. They’re aware of having a great responsibility and to have chosen a kind of trade that is not easy, especially in this historical period, but above all because, even unwillingly, they will always have to deal with their father. His children, despite the young age, try to give a personal footprint to their work with which they are starting to join exhibitions and competitions, gaining appreciation not only by the audience but also by the critics, considering the awards and mentions received. Who meets the Master Giuseppe Liberati can still see in his eyes the enthusiasm, the grit and the willpower of the beginning. And step by step, with the support of his wife Assunta, who has always stand next to him in the business and with their children, he has  transformed the “small shop” into a great reality, a highly professional ceramic workshop able to represent the excellence of Abruzzo ceramics in the world.

events, publications and recognitions

international events

  • Trade Fair – Bruxelles (Belgium) – 1986;
  • The Italian Art of Living – New York (USA) – 1992;
  • Italian Craftmanship – “Johannesburg (Rep. South Africa) – 1992;
  • Expo’ 92 – Palazzo Italia – Siviglia (Spain)- 1992;
  • Maison & Objet – Paris (France) – 1997;
  • Trade Fair – Frankfurt  (Germany) – 1998;
  • International Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition – Vallauris (France) 2010;
  • International Ceramic Exhibition – Alcobaca (Portugal) – 2011;
  • Participation at the European Ceramic Project (2010-2011) – selection by ‘Abruzzo Sviluppo’;
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition – Municipality of Baia a Mare – Romania 2011;
  • Share Traces Exhibition – Valletta – Malta 2015;
  • International Symposium City of Baia a Mare – Rumania 2015;
  • Italian Traditional Day – Casa Loma – Toronto – Canada – 2016;

national events

  • Fiera del Levante – Bari – 1983;
  • Artistic Craftmanship International Exhibition – Florence – 1984/1991;
  • Tevere Expo’ – Rome – 1984/1990;
  • Solo Exhibit – Settimo Milanese (Mi) – 1990;
  • The Seduction of Craftmanship – Rome – 1990;
  • Solo Exhibit – Segni (Rm) – 1994/1996;
  • Mostra d’Oltremare – Naples – 1998;
  • Mostra d’Oltremare – Naples – 1998;
  • Moa Casa – Rome – 2007;
  • Fire and Earth Art – Borromini’s cloister – Rome 2008;
  • Italian Qualities Trade Fair – Milan – 2007/2009 – selection by Chamber of Commerce of Chieti;
  • Fierarredo – Bologna – 2008;
  • International Contemporary Art Exhibition – Gallipoli – Italy 2013;
  • International Contemporary Art Exhibition – Piemonte – Italy 2013;
  • Contemporary Art Collective Exhibition “Pugnani room” – Mondovì – Italy 2014;
  • International Contemporary Art Exhibition – Calabria – Italy 2015;
  • Collective Exhibition “Ninety Artists make a tribute to Saint Francis” – Italy 2014 /2015;
  • Collective Travelling Exhibit “Tribute to Totò – 50 years after” – Italy 2015/2016;
  • International Exhibition “Misericordiae Vultus” – Sesto al Reghena – Italy 2016/2017;
  • Contemporary Art International Exhibition “Che dici Totò?” – Castel dell’Ovo – Naples – Italy – 2017;

regional events

  • Exhibition of Abruzzo handicraft – Guardiagrele (Ch);
  • Handicraft exhibition – Vasto (Ch)
  • Handicraft exhibition – Aquila;
  • Handicraft exhibition – Sulmona (Ch);
  • Handicraft exhibition – Aquila;
  • Handicraft exhibition – Lanciano (Ch);
  • Handicraft exhibition – Penne (Pe);
  • Handicraft exhibition – Teramo (Te);
  • Tenda Expo’ – Pescara
  • One-man show at Palazzo dell’Emiciclo, L’Aquila – 2006;
  • One-man show at Museo Dell’artigianato Artistico Abruzzese di Guardiagrele – 2006;
  • One-man show – Palazzo Del Governo Della Provincia di Pescara – Pescara – 2007;
  • One-man show – Museo Delle Genti D’Abruzzo – Pescara – 2010;
  • First “Biennale di Scultura Arte Sacra” – Museo Diocesano Basilica San Tommaso Apostolo – Ortona – 2012;
  • Art director of “World’s best ceramic fountains” – Guardiagrele – Italy 2012;
  • Art director with Enzo Angiuoni from International Art Symposium – Francavilla al mare – Italy 2014;
  • Traveling contemporary art group show “transumart” – Castel di Sangro, Atri, Città Sant’Angelo, Ortona, Foggia – Italy 2014;
  • XLI Sulmona Prize “Rassegna Internazionale d’arte contemporanea” – Sulmona – Italy 2014;
  • One-man show “La Bottega Liberati” at Museo d’Arte Costantino Barbella – Chieti, Italy 2014;
  • Group show at “Pinacoteca Patiniana” – Castel di Sangro – Italy 2014;
  • International contemporary art exhibition – Art For Peace – Palazzo Farnese –Ortona – Italy 2016;
  • Contemporary art exhibition “L’Immaginario – Poesia e Arti Visive” – Pescara – Italy 2016;
  • XXLIII Sulmona Prize “Rassegna Internazionale d’arte contemporanea – Italy 2016;
  • Presentation event “Prima Ciaramella al mondo, realizzata in ceramica dal Maestro ceramista Giuseppe Liberati”, “First ceramic shawm handcrafted by the ceramist master Giuseppe Liberati” – Guardiagrele – Italy 2016;
  • Contemporary ceramic one-man show “L’Essenza Materica – Giuseppe Liberati” – Istituzione Palazzo Farnese – Ortona – Italy 2017;
  • Art group exhibition “Quattro Maestri nelle Arti Visive” – Museo Michetti Mu.Mi. – Francavilla al Mare – Italy 2017;
  • Mostra personale di ceramica contemporanea “L’Essenza Materica – Giuseppe Liberati” – Istituzione Palazzo Farnese – Ortona – Italia 2017;
  • Mostra collettiva d’arte “Quattro Maestri nelle Arti Visive” – Museo Michetti Mu.Mi. – Francavilla al Mare – Italia 2017;
  • Contemporary art exhibition “Nel segno della modernità di Ovidio” – MediaMuseum – Pescara – Italia 2017;
  • Contemporary art exhibition “Armonie – Emozioni di note a colori” – Aurum – Pescara – Italia 2017;


  • “Italian Craftsmanship on stage at the Market Theatre”, catalogue – Johannesburg ;
  • “The Italian Art of Living”, catalogue – New York;
  • Giuseppe Liberati – “Sentimenti”, catalogue – Augusto Ferrara Editions;
  • “Il catalogo dell’Artigianato” – Mondadori Editions;
  • “L’Atlante dell’artigianato artistico italiano al finire del XX secolo” – Ponte alle Grazie Edition by Giorgio Lilli Latino;
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  • “Vacanze Estate Più”, magazine – RR Editions;
  • “L’Agenda del Golf”, magazine – RR Edizions;
  • “Three colours, a wave and a lot of artists from Abruzzo” – Palladino Editor
  • “Italia su Misura 100 Selected Ateliers” – Gruppo Editor
  • “ScandinaviArt 2015” – Ed.
  • Giorgio Mondadori;
  • “100 Eccellenze Italiana” – 2nd Ed.
  • Riccardo Dell’Anna Editore;
  • Mani “Nel cuore dell’Artigianato” – Ed.
  • Italian Stories;
  • ET © Sanoma Media Finland Oy (Finnish magazine);
  • “D’Abruzzo – Turismo Ambiente Cultura” – Menabò Editions;


  • Three First Prizes at the Regional Competition at the Artisan Guardiagrele Exhibition;
  • 1^ Silver Medal of President of the Republic;
  • First Artistic Exhibition Award Vasto;
  • A purchase prize Chamber of Commerce – Chieti;
  • The “Mondovì turistica 2014” photographic award, in the postcard section, had a special award titled Giuseppe Liberati Selected among the 100 best craftsmen in Italy, from the Observatory of Art Crafts and the Cologne Art Foundation – year 2015;
  • Selected by the italian ambassador in Toronto to represent Italian craftsmanship during the “Italian Traditional Day” – May 2016;
  • Special mention in the gallery of the 100 Italian excellence. Sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MIBACT) – year 2016;
  • 1 Silver Medal of the President of the Republic, on the occasion of the participation of Lorenzo Liberati at the Competition organised by the Abruzzo handcraft Artistic Exhibition of the theme “Mercy” – year 2016;
  • Special mention at the International Journalistic Prize “Words of Wine 2017”, presented by Consorzio Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo in collaboration with the Foreign Center of the Chambers of Commerce of Abruzzo, with the following reasoning: “To be ambassador of Made in Italy and to spread the image of Abruzzo in Italy and in the world through the artisan work of precious ceramics” – year 2017.

they wrote about Giuseppe Liberati

  • Maria Augusta Baitello;
  • Luigi Bozzelli;
  • Federica Carpineta;
  • Vincenzo Centorame;
  • Otello Di Vincenzo;
  • Vincenzo Franceschelli;
  • Massimo Pasqualone;
  • Maria Paola Lupo;
  • Annalisa Di Matteo;
  • Leo Strozzieri;
  • Bruno Pagliolonga;
  • MariRosa Barbieri;

mediterranean games and other

  • The Company “Ceramiche d’Arte Liberati” was exclusive and official supplier of the XVI Mediterranean Games – Pescara 2009 Organizing Committee, for  the ceramic crafting of the Mascotte, Logo, Ceramics for Representation and Medals for Games;
  • The Company “Ceramiche d’Arte Liberati”, was designated by the Italian Bocce Federation for the official prizes supply at the  Bocce World Championships – Rome, April 2015;
  • On the occasion of the “Giochi del Mediterraneo sulla Spiaggia”, the Organizing Committee charged Liberati’s Workshop to create representation awards to be delivered to all the athletes – Pescara, September 2015;
  • As part of Expò Milano 2015, the Abruzzo Sviluppo Agency commissioned to the Company “Ceramiche d’Arte Liberati” the production of ceramic gadgets to honour on the occasion of representative events;
  • The Chamber of Commerce of Pescara, on the occasion of the prestigious “Loyalty and Work Progress Prize”, commissioned the Liberati Workshop to create representation awards to be delivered to all the awarded companies. Pescara, April 2017;


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