The Monument to the Emigrants is a hand-shaped sculpture by the master Giuseppe Liberati. With this monument the Pro Loco of Vacri remembers the bravery of fellow citizens who,with their hearts full of hope and sorrow, left their homecity to look for a better future.

The work, which is simple but with a strong emotional impact, recalls the following idea:

  • THE COIN SHAPE, round and scalloped, refers to the small amount of money with which the emigrants usually began their journey;
  • THE FAMILY AND THE ROOTS represent all those peple who, turning their back to their homeland and with few bags, looked forward to the future;
  • THE SHIP recalls the mostly used means of transport that our fellow citizens used to begin their long journey through the sea;
  • THE OPERA HOUSE, THE EIFFEL TOWER, THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE and CHRIST THE REDEEMER stand for all the countries to which the citizens of Vacri emigrated.

Size ø 300 cm.

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