Every single community needs to show its beautiful things: all our historical centres hide suggestive and interesting corners. Based on that, we chose some of the most representative glimpses of the town and put them together in an artistic and armonic composition in order to let anyone have a full sight of the town beauties. We hope this will raise emotions and curiosity and that wil lead the viewers to visit, appreciate and respect what they have. In this context was added a contrasting element that, apparently, makes no sense: the roots and the elephant head. The intention is to arouse curiosity and desire to discover the town history. Everybody knows the most recent happenings and the pensonalities linked to the town. The roots stand for the belonging to our territory that is very important not only for us, but more for those who were forced to leave their homeland. Not everyone knows that there are existing proofs of the passage of Annibale during the second punic war in Italy between 208 and 202 B.C. This was demonstrated thanks to the discovery of some rests of a Carthaginian helmet nearby the little church of Santo Stefano. Semi-refractory white clay. Sizes 205×205 cm.

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