Ceramic gadgets and souvenirs

Objects like ceramic gadgets and souvenirs made in Italy are mainly requested by companies or tourist accommodation facilities to promote and represent their image as a company, territory, event, and so forth. Our production goes from small ceramic objects like magnets to plates and ovals in different sizes. Each object is a “memory”, in fact souvenirs are often called “memory-objects” because they recall a visited place or an event in which you took part in. Ceramiche Liberati Workshop offers a wide customisation range for your objects. Ceramic gadget and souvenirs have medium-small size and low costs, like: ceramic magnets, ovals, small tiles, paperweights, plates or small plates, small statues, keyrings, pen holders, etc. All these objects are made in Italy and they have an image, a logo, a picture which recalls to a memory linked to a place, a company or an event for which it was customized. We create ceramic hand painted magnets with low reliefs, ceramic magnets with pictures or images made with indelible digital printing, ceramic sculptures and small statues in low relief. It is possible to craft any kind of Italian ceramic gadget or souvenir with customization suitable for every occasion even in large quantities. Our workshop also crafts ceramic gadgets and souvenirs made in Italy that are unique for their decoration and shape, precisely because this kind of product, useful for promotional purposes and business communication, must be able to attract the attention of the recipient. For further information and for a free and quick estimate, write us at info@liberati.net.

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