The category “Home Ceramic objects” offers a wide range of functional objects crafted and decorated by hand following the best artisan tradition. All our home ceramic objects are made in the Workshop ‘Ceramiche Liberati’ with artisanal methods and high quality materials suitable for food use. When purchasing, to each object there will be attached a guarantee certificate as a warranty of the craftsmanship of the product.
The decorations for the ceramic home novelties available on our e-commerce are:
Fioraccio – is the most representative floral decoration of Abruzzo. It is usually painted on kitchen objects: jars, plates, spoon rests, coffee cups, trays, bowls, biscuit jars, etc. The decoration consists of handpainting seven wild flowers, typical of our territory, on a light-glazed object. Several ceramists in our region make this decoration but the “Fioraccio Abruzzese” by Ceramiche Liberati is recognizable by its vivid colours.
Orchid – is one of the main floral decorations handmade by our workshop. The name of the decor “Orchid” is dedicated to the namesake flower, which is reintepreted in a painting with three pink petals and orange pistils surrounded by green leaves and pink buds. The decoration has a floral, colorful band which is usually at the center of the glazed object. The ceramic glaze used is ivory. The orchid flowers have a typical winged structure, with open and flat petals, and the colours and sizes of the petals differ depending on the species.
Teate blu – is the blue-striped decor by Ceramiche Liberati that was conceived as a tribute to the Province of Chieti. Indeed, the word “Teate”, a Latin version of the orginal Theate or Tegheàte, defines an old Marrucini’s centre which is nowadays the city of Chieti. “Teatino” is the word to define a citizen of Chieti. The rich and ancient history of this city and the namesake Province, with its impressive natural and architectonical beauties and marvellous landcapes, inspired our Workshop to create and dedicate an elegant but simple decor. The ceramic decoration Teate has a light background, indeed the glazed used is white, while the painting is a monochrome floral motif with blue shades.

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