Category: Italian ceramic objects
Liberati Workshop creates Italian ceramic objects using traditional techniques. The category “Ceramic objects” includes all the objects useful for your home. Here are some examples of ceramic objects: ceramic containers, bottles, jars, vases, plates, tea and coffee sets, dining sets, cups, plates in different shapes and purposes, wall clocks, key hangers, humidifiers for radiators, oil jars, salt and pepper sets, centerpieces, spoon rests, umbrella racks, briefcases, bowls, jewel cases, candle cases, candelabra, soap dishes, bathroom accessories, mirrors with ceramic frames, pitchers, chandeliers, appliques, knobs, handles, etc. The decoration of each item can be customized depending on the customer’s requests. It is difficult, if not impossible, to describe all the possible decoration variations that can be made. One of the most representative decorations from Abruzzo made by our ceramists is the “Fioraccio”, that represents wild flowers from our region. All the ceramic artifacts are made in our Workshop Ceramiche Liberati with artisanal methods and high quality materials suitable for food use.

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