Traditional and figurative ceramics
Here is the story of our traditional and figurative ceramics: Ceramiche Liberati workshop, even if established in 1980 by Master Giuseppe Liberati, is the continuation of the historical tradition of Bozzelli’s workshop founded in Rapino (Chieti – Abruzzo) in 1816, in which artists of the calibre like Cascella learnt the art of ceramic moulding. Master Bozzelli himself states that the work of Bozzelli’s Workshop continues in his disciple’s one like an historical path that from Rapino arrives to Villamagna. The traditional and figurative ceramic artifacts are in classical style with landscapes, figuratives, mythological scenes. The pieces are crafted with refined technical execution and are the expression of the best artisanal tradition from Abruzzo. Each artistic product is a real masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, designed and made of ceramic. To guarantee its craftmanship, each artifact will come with a Guarantee certificate to attest the entirely handmade production.

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