• Artisanal ceramic aperitif cup Orchidea, Ceramiche Liberati
  • Artisanal ceramic aperitif cup Orchidea, Ceramiche Liberati
  • Artisanal ceramic aperitif cup Orchidea, Ceramiche Liberati


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Ceramic aperitif cup Orchidea

Ceramic aperitif cup Orchidea

The ceramic aperitif cup with Orchidea decoration by Ceramiche Liberati is handmade following traditional methods and materials suitable for food use. Each phase of the making of the object, from moulding to decoration, follows the best artisanal tradition of Italian ceramic making, which requires high-quality materials.

The decoration “Orchidea” by Ceramiche Liberati has a floral, colorful band which is usually at the center of the glazed object. The ceramic glaze used is ivory. The polichromatic, floral band is surrounded by waving lines or by green/yellow small arches. For each object, usually for functional, decor ceramic and for kitchen, the floral band of the orchid is proportionally resized depending on the object shape. The orchid, besides its beauty as a flower, has an important history and a particular charme. Aesthetically perfect, this flower represents elegance, refinement and harmony. Object with an orchid-inspired decoration, which are spread worldwide with dozens of variations, are chosen as a gift mostly as a sign of respect, love and as an acknowledgement and gratitude sign. To see other objects with Orchidea decoration we invite you to visit our category dedicated to th Orchidea decoration on our site.

The ceramic aperitif cup is suitable to serve every kind of aperitifs and appetizers or it might be used as a spices container, to serve ice-cream, fruit etc. The object surface is easy to clean with a moist cloth and can also be washed in the dishwasher at max 60°. When purchasing, to each object there will be attached a Guarantee Certificate as a warranty of the craftsmanship of the product.

Sizes: Diameter 12 cm, height 6 cm. Total weight: 250 g.

Product code: 124MIT

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