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Ceramic bowtie Evo Aviator ivory

Handcrafted ceramic bowtie model Evo with Aviator decoration on ivory base

The idea of the ceramic bowtie comes from the need to give a brand new cut to our workshop to keep up with a creative, but rapidly evolving, world. The design of the Bowtie is a clear example of the new artisans’ generation desire to keep up with a rapidly evolving and creative world. Our Ceramic BowTie is a concrete example of fusion between classic and digital craft: the first one intended as handmade production in a strict sense, and the second one being the place in which new technologies blend with artisans’ tipycal “tacit knowledge”. Our ceramic bowties, elegant fashion accessories, are suitable to every kind of occasion and ensure a fresh and young look for both men and women.

Ceramic bowtie model “Evo”

Until now, two models and many decorations are available on our website. One model has a more rounded shape, recalling the classical and more “sentimental” lines of the bowtie; while the other model has a more linear shape, designed for a more “evolutive” and polished look. Their design inspired their names: the first one is called “Romantico”, he other one “Evo”, a clear reference to the concept of evolution. These handcrafted bowties and their elegant design are made using the best materials and are refined in every detail. This guarantees the Made in Italy quality.

The “Aviator” decoration

The “Aviatior” decoration represents two “old style” aviation means: two styised hot-air balloons. The most explicit meaning of the hot-air baloon is passion for travel, freedom and curiosity of knowing the world. The hot-air balloon is, by definition, an aerostat with sustenance obtained by hot air which is lighter than the surrounding one, needed to obtain a push to the top to lift it up. Actually, who drives a hot-air balloon is not able to change its directon, thus, the driving simply consists in managing the flying height. The metaphorical meaning of the hot-air balloon is linked to this: the will to follow the istinct and random events. The decoration was made using digital printing techniques on ceramic, that make the painting indelible. The “Aviator” decoration is also available on the the bowtie model Romantico.

When purchasing the ceramic Bowtie model Evo with Aviator decoration, there will be attached a Guarantee Certificate as a warranty of the 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship of the product. It is possible to buy online the bowtie-shaped ceramic box, especially made for Ceramiche Liberati’s bowtie, ideal to a complete a gift idea. When purchasing the bowtie without its box, it will be in every case wrapped in a special paper and sent in a cardboard box.

Sizes of the Evo bowtie “Aviator”:

Lenght 11 cm, width 4,4 cm, thickness 0,6 cm. Elastic, dark-coloured, string: adjustable lenght. Total weight: 35 g ca.

Product code: 03EAAV

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