Bowtie decoration Love Dog

The bowtie decoration “Love Dog” contains all the on-line available bow ties with the Love Dog decoration, on Ceramiche Liberati’s website. The “Love Dog” decoration is a tribute to our four-legged friends. It is a symmetrical composition of bone-shaped symbols with a paw in each pane, in comics style. In this decoration, the main colours are black, gray and white for the background. The decoration was made using digital printing techniques on ceramic, that make the painting indelible.

Our Ceramic BowTie is a concrete example of fusion between classic and digital craft: the first one intended as handmade production in a strict sense, and the second one being the place in which new technologies blend with artisans’ tipycal “tacit knowledge”. Our ceramic bowties, elegant fashion accessories, are suitable to every kind of occasion and ensure a fresh and young look for both men and women.

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