Bowtie decoration Ipotenusa
The bowtie decoration “Ipotenusa” contains all the on-line available bow ties with the Ipotenusadecoration, on Ceramiche Liberati’s website. The decoration “Ipotenusa” represents a composition of b/w triangles simmetrically painted on both sides of the bowtie. The triangles are coloured in warm and cold tones. The various chromatic range is perfectly balanced with the central surface of the bowtie, which is white without an decoration. The decoration name “Ipotenusa”, hypotenusa, comes from the opposite side of the right angle in a right-angled triangle; the left sides are called catheti. It derives from the Latin word hypotenusa, that means “straight line under”. The bowtie decoration is not only a representation of triangles created by linking lines but it is also a tribute to science, geometry and mathematics. The decoration was made using digital printing techniques on ceramic, that make the painting indelible. The “Ipotenusa” decoration is also available on other versions of the ceramic bowtie.

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