Bowtie decoration Mexican Skulls

The design of the Bowtie is a clear example of the new artisans’ generations desire to keep up with a rapidly evolving and creative world. Our Ceramic BowTie is a concrete example of fusion between classic and digital craft: the first one intended as handmade production in a strict sense, and the second one being the place in which new technologies blend with artisans’ tipycal “tacit knowledge”.

The “Mexican Skulls”, also known as “Sugar Skulls” are part of Mexican tradition about death rituals. It is an old tradition used to encourage death by using skulls or skeletons painted with vivid and cheerful colours. In fact, calacas (from Mexican for “skull”) are used as decorations during the Festival of Dead, in Mexico. The calacas are considered happy figures, not macabre: they are usually represented with cheerful clothes or while dancing or playing musical instruments in order to give a happy idea of the afterlife. The decoration of the bowtie is coloured and made with digital printing techniques.


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