Bowtie decoration Wanderlust

The bowtie decoration “Wanderlust” contains all the on-line available bow ties with the Wanderlust decoration, on Ceramiche Liberati’s website. In sociology, the word “Wanderlust” means the desire of travelling, making new experiences, visit new places and feel the freedom and the emotion to be strangers.  In other words, strong impulse and desire to discover something new and reach distant places and destinations. The hot-air balloon is, by definition, an aerostat with sustenance obtained by hot air which is lighter than the surrounding one, needed to obtain a push to the top to lift it up. Actually, who drives a hot-air balloon is not able to change its directon, thus, the driving simply consists in managing the flying height. The metaphorical meaning of the hot-air balloon is linked to this: the will to follow the istinct and random events. The decoration and the writing “Wanderlust” in the central part of the bowtie were applied using the digital printing techniques.

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