Digital printing
The category “Digital printing” contains all the handmade ceramic artifacts made by Ceramiche Liberati and decorated using the digital printing techniques, that makes the printed image indelible. Many objects are decorated using the digital printing techniques, for example: bells and magnets representing different professions or with aphorisms or dedications written on them; coffee cups with customized logo; street numbers or souvenirs and company gadgets, ceramic bow ties with different decorations and design, etc. The photoceramics technique allows to reproduce on ceramic every kind of digital file, giving space to your creativity. This technique, that is more and more often called ceramic digital art, is very requested by companies that want to make customised gadgets with their logo on it.
The decoration of ceramic artifacts using this technique is complex and involves different phases:
Image acquisition;
Graphic elaboration, retouching and adjustment;
Digital printing on ceramic;
Image application on ceramic;
Cooking of photoceramic;
To find out more on digital printing technique, read our blog article: Abruzzo photoceramic: digital printing on ceramic.
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